I am not new to Tumblr, but I’m too worried about what people I know will think of me if I post the things I’m going to post here on my personal blog.

This blog will be about my personal struggle with anxiety and depression, I’m just using it as an outlet because I am too scared to talk to people I know about my problems personally, in case they think I’m faking or they laugh at me.

I don’t expect hundreds of followers, this is not a blog for attention.

However, feel free to follow me and maybe send me some of your worries or stories about anxiety and depression, or even questions.

I would also like to add that I am actually a really nice person, I just might not come across as nice all the time. But I don’t mean to be nasty!

Nov 3 -
Hello and welcome to my blog.

A little bit about myself: I suffer in silence with anxiety and depression. I self-harm. I have family issues. I was physically and emotionally abused as a child, and bullied all the way through school. Caution: this blog is potentially triggering to people with mental health issues and/or self-harmers. I follow back you aren't alone.